A few forum improvements I'd like to see

1. The ability to block PMing, except from admins, and hopefully some kind of way to put up a message, like "don't PM, just reply to the thread" (it's getting annoying)

2. Break endless quote chains - only quote the persons reply in their post, not anything else they quoted. You all must have seen those huge multi quotes that make threads crazy longer than neccesary when people start arguing with each other. Please make it so when people hit reply, or the multiquote button, it does not include any quotes that person had in their post.

3. *wish* a "must fill out system specs" sheet when people start ask question threads. Something that can like pull system specs for them like those java applications on can you run it ect, so you know, i don't have to start the first reply to every thread with "give me your detailed system specs." And have some custom things to fill out like "PSU wattage, PSU maker, PSU model" because that's like 40% of the answers to a lot of people's problems. The auto fill download-app can be optional, but the core requirements of "OS, CPU model, GPU Model, Ram Model, Motherboard model, PSU model, system age" can be typable for people with actual broken systems they can't access TH with so they can still get help. Drop down lists with searchable results would be great as well, so people don't give me CPUs that don't exist.
If people want help, they need to help me help them first by giving me the details of their system.

4. The ability to see a person's threads from their profile page, maybe just a way to see MY threads from my profile page. The search system at tom's is kinda meh, and is actually really hard to use if you have a specific thread in mind. Like I wanted to find Wolfshadw's GTA 5 benchmark thread, but because I don't know the EXACT thread title, seraching for it comes up with tons of wrong results, and looking through my tagged threads is also nightmarish because I respond to so many threads. And sometimes I remember seeing a thread made by someone else that I remember their name but not the thread title, so if i could just look at their threads then I could easily find what i was looking for.

This makes harassment of someone easy for the harasser, but you guys have such a big mod team that I doubt something like that would be allowed to go on for very long if someone was abusing the system.


1 & 3 always seem to work together too. Someone will say my MB doesn't work. I'll ask what model the MB is and then get a reply in PM with something like It's an ASUS, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz helpsz meeeeee.


For the moment a better search system is to use Google and tag the search with: site:tomshardware user:<forum name>

The other features are already somewhere in the queue. However, things move at a sub glacial pace.


Jan 31, 2015

I'm sure that's a practical answer but - wow! How long have Tom's forums been going? And they still haven't got a good search facility.

I guess this is why most Internet forums use third-party software; it's really difficult to write good forum software.
ex stated it rather well. most are known suggestions which are on the list waiting to get done though things move very slowly.

TH uses proprietary forum software as opposed to 3rd party so they can closely link articles, comments and the forum. while it does this very nicely, any changes must be extensively tested and thought over before implementation so there are no unforeseen problems.
There is a way to see threads by a particular user - if you go to the page with all threads on it, click More, there should be a entry field marked Search By Author (you may need quotes if the name has a space).

Google is only needed if you want to find all their replies.