A few Fun Hacking games.


Apr 4, 2011
I rate this game a 7.

I rate this a 3.

Haven't played this far enough to give it a good rating. will update. (only bothered with demo.)
(purchase required demo available.)

My verdict
I say codelink is my favorite game for hacking by far. It is still in development so the team is taking suggestions for things on their bug/suggestion forum. The few bad flaws right now are the lack of players knowing about the game. Thus there aren't many players high level. Also, right now for PVP action you require to be level 20 (takes a while a good solid day of gameplay.) The missions tend to repeat over and over and right now don't offer a lot to do aside repeat them(new missions added about every 2 levels.)
There is an upcoming patch that will have the npc systems attacking your computer.
My personal thing is I'd like to see more realism in the game's hardware. IE instead of using GBs/GHz they just use a basic number system.

But, I still give the game a 7. As I said it's in development and so far it's one of the best hacking style games out there. Best part is you pay nothing. You can play/download Dual monitor, through your web browser, or download single monitor(and or windowed.)