A Few questions about fan speed


Feb 8, 2011
OK guys, so Im interested in getting in to further modding after building a couple of PC. Starting to read up about OC and stuff, I have a few questions on fan speed-

-If I add my own case fan, can I control the fan speed via Windows? or do I just do it via an addition fan speed controller to the MOBO?
-If i can control via windows, is it possible to adjust the fan speed according to say, the temp of my CPU
-I have recently been using Catylst Control Centre for the first time(I have a cheap n cheerful HD5670 at the mo), I am wondering what best to set the fan at. It was stuck at 30% or something before, I have overriden fan control and set it a bit higher, Is it possible to get the fan to be control by the amount of GPU temp increases??

If the case fan is connected via a motherboard fan header, then it can be controlled in a number of ways.
One common way is via windows software like speedfan which can do so based on cpu or other temperature sensors.

Personally, I find constantly changing fan speeds annoying.
I set my fans as low as possible with a constant speed.
If things get a bit hot, so be it.


Aug 9, 2009

i control the fan speed on my gtx 560ti with MSI afterburner,you can download it from the website, it has a manual fan control option,i found when i played battlefeild 3 the temps were getting very high,it gives you profiles so you can save that setting to use it when you need to,45% fan speed on manual was ok for me,this reduced the card temps by 15degrees celcius, it shows you temps also...be careful with the clock speeds,only change this if you know what you are doing...good luck