A few questions about my new PS3 :)


Nov 20, 2011

Like the tittle says I have a few questions about my new PS3 (and PS in general)

1- Does the cable that comes with the controller does anything else apart from charing it? I mean if I were to use it would the latancy be lower than wireless?

2- What's a good arcade/fighting stick. I will be mainly playing fighting games on it, so I would like to know what my options are.

3- Are there anyways in which I could make the loading time on my games any faster?

4- What cable should I use for the best audio and video quality? I am currently using an HDMI cable, and the video quality is great, but I feel that the sound is weak.

5- Finally, what's a good tv (you gotta be specific) that will be awesome for gaming, low latency, 1080p, etc.

6- Also my current TV is 720p, but I am forcing 1080p trough my HDMI cable, should I be doing that? Will that cause any delays?

Thanks! :D
1. It's used for charging and also to use safe mode. No latency differences.

2. I don't know as I don't play fighting games. i just use the dualshock 3 for everything.

3. You can swap out the hard drive for an SSD. look online for real workd gains.

4. HDMI. If you get a breakout box, you can route the audio to a stereo system. make sure the audio options are set correctly in the menu.

5. I have a 6 year old 46" sony bravia tv and it works fine on it, so I asume it will work well with all modern tv's/monitors.

6. Your tv is working hard to downconvert it back to 720p. If your tv's native resolution is 720p, then set your ps3 video to 720p also. Your ps3 won't have to pump out as many pixels so it won't work as hard either.