A Flaw in Fortnite and PUBG Ties Frame Rate to Fire Rate


Aug 22, 2012
a single 1fps variance in PUBG is the same as the game attaching/detatching a grip from your gun mid-spray (which alters recoil by up to 15%)... it's a bit more an issue than just RoF, esp if you're like most people & don't own a system that can pin framerate at 138hz constant through RTSS. even then, framerate limiters are not 100% perfect.
Aug 14, 2018
I dont play fortnite because I'm not 14, but as far as pubg goes more frames doesnt mean higher fire rate. If you watch WackyJacky101's video, you'll notice that certain weapons fire faster when your frame rate is a multiple of the number of rounds your equipped weapon fires per second. Everyone is affected by this, it doesnt give an advantage to particular level of hardware. It literally means that the weapons are constantly changing rate of fire as your frame rate fluctuates. This is a HUGE problem for pubg because Bluehole is and has been making the claim that this game is esport ready. I love pubg, but it is definitely NOT esport ready, especially with a bug like this.


Mar 27, 2008
As someone who's developed FPSs on Unreal Engine for 14+ years... yup! Unless you do some work to mitigate it, this is "default" behavior on Unreal (and likely every other game engine).

The issue is straight-forward. Your framerate determines how fast the game "ticks". When your weapon fires, there is a cooldown time until it can fire again. The next time the weapon will fire will be the first "tick" *after* the cooldown expires. At this point, the timer is reset.

Probably the best (or at least the quickest) workaround is to subtract the cooldown time from how long it's *actually* been since the last shot, and subtract that delta from the next cooldown time.