A game that I cannot remember

Jan 13, 2019
There was a game that I played for a brief 30 minutes back when i was around 5(2005 2006) and I am really curious about the name of it.
I can only remember a few things but here we go.
It was about a blonde(?) Guy in the near future. He was in this futuristic looking settlement thing. He had to talk to a few people. The view of the game was similiar to digimon world 4.
If im correct he had a laser type sword that was probably green.
I think this base thing got attacked and that was the point that i quit the game.
I think it was a japanese game, but at least the style of it was really similiar to digimon world(color schemes etc.)
(Really colorful, lot of white and I remember there was an outdoor scene too in the beginning)
I would be really happy to play this game again because it was pretty interesting.
Thanks in advance!