Discussion A glorious I7 10700K delidding failure. Intel's new thermal compound GLUES THE CPU DIE TO THE IHS!! Much sadness.


It's a soldered ihs. It's not paste at all, it's attached with metal.

Makes the thermal conductivity good enough there isn't a reason to delid in the first place.
It may have better thermal conductivity but the solder paste layer is many times thicker, which offsets most of the benefits. That's why OC fanatics still delid them so they can lower the IHS by 0.1mm or ditch it altogether.


But why thermal compound will glue the CPU.
It doesn't. The black silicone you see around the edges of the cpu in the pictures is used to seal it.
From Ivy Bridge to Coffee Lake, the paste Intel used between the die and IHS wasn't the best thing at transferring heat, but what it had going for it was longevity.

The thermal layer is soldered because of better conductivity right? Than how it can damage CPU?
Right, but the soldering does not damage the cpu. The OP wasn't thorough enough in their attempt to delid this cpu, resulting in literally ripping the face off the die.