Question A good 500GB ssd upgrade?


I recently upgraded my internet speed to around 1000mbps and I'm looking forward to make an upgrade to my mediocre gaming build. Currently I have a toshiba dt01aca100 HDD. I would appreciate some advices regarding budget/performance ratio and some good and trusty brands.

Other specs: i5-7400 3.0GHz&gpu=GeForce GTX 1060 KFA2 OC 6GB&ram=8GB
MX500 --
How much storage do you need?
What is your budget?
From a performance point of view, a samsung 860 evo is likely to be the best performer.
It is also likely to be the most expensive.
You can compare the performance of different ssd devices using the anandtech bench:

But, realize that a ssd is generally going to be 40x better in small random I/O than any HDD
That is what we do most.
it will be some 2-4x faster in sequential I/O

I particularly like samsung because of their ssd migration app which will move your windows C drive to one of their ssd devices. I have used it many times without a problem.

Other vendors have such apps, but I do not know how well they work.