Question A good CPU for me?


May 22, 2016
What's up guys, so with all the Ryzen buzz going on I've decided to finally upgrade. Been waiting a few months until July 7th hit to make my choice and the time is now.
So far my old rig is a i5-2500k CPU with about 8GB of ram and a EVGA FTW GTX 1080 which I will be putting on my new Ryzen build.
I do stream from time to time and I do stream some pretty intense games from time to time (I started streaming from NVENC since my CPU just can't do it for some games anymore) so I'm looking to choose between a R5 3600 or 3700X.
With all the 3700X's being constantly sold out I'm a bit leaning towards the R5 3600 since it should be good enough even for my streaming needs. I will be getting this motherboard even though
it seems overkill there's a chance I might do the whole upgrade to a 3900X or 4xxx in the future and I've never really liked going cheap on motherboards to begin with.
What would you guys recommend? Regardless I'll see a performance boost from my current Rig but I'm looking to see if it's worth getting the 3700X for the headroom? Thanks for reading