A good looking airflow case for gaming?


Feb 17, 2012
I'm building a gaming computer and I have no clue what type of case to get.
What I'm looking for:
-Cool/good looking design
-Lots of space, I plan on running SLI and at least 2 SSDs/3 HDDs)
-Great airflow, to keep everything cool while running "heavier" games.
I've only found 2 possible choices so far, the Cooler Master HAF X and the NZXT Phantom. My current options on each:
Cooler Master HAF X:
Looks it has plenty of space and great airflow, but the design sorta bores me.
NZXT Phantom:
Looks amazing to me, has space but I've read that the HAF X has much, much better airflow.
Are there any other cases to consider? My budget is under $200, but I would definitely consider a more expensive case if it is really worth it.
I personally LOVE the NZXT Switch 810..great airflow, great looks (in my opinion, anyway), and great price. Of course, I don't own one, and my opinion is only from looking at reviews, but it still awes me, and I plan to get one later in April. Though I think if you're wanting to get the Phantom, if you add more fans to it, I'm sure it'll be just as good (if not a shade under) the HAF X. And considering the price difference, I'm sure you can squeeze in more fans inside the Phantom if you decide to buy that instead.

Also there's also the Antec Twelve Hundred. I'm not a big fan of it, but from reviews it seems to be a great case.


Feb 17, 2012

Current options for me: (no order)
NZXT Switch 810
NZXT Phantom
CM Storm Trooper
Antec 1200 V3
Antec DF-85
Which of these cases has the most space/best airflow?
Not really considering the Corsair cases because they're all mid towers...

Also, could someone briefly explain the difference between 5.25in and 3.5in bays?

got the rv02 as my second pc--and its a great case

but doesnt have the cable management ability of the storm trooper--in my rv02 i had wires everywhere--in the

storm trooper they all fitted behind the motherboard

my cable tidying skills are terrible--but this was the tidiest build i have ever done