A good upgrade for my pc

anurag punk

May 3, 2012
I want to upgrade my mobo and processor .
Intel E7500 core 2 duo @ 2.93ghz
mobo - asus p5kpl am in
ram - 4gb
gpu - sapphire radeon hd 6670

i really want to upgrade my intel processor to amd phenom ( i like the undertaker ) and a good motherboard , but my budget is only 200 $ .
yep, the cpu would be the best place to start...
if you can afford more than 200 then a platform swap would be best to the intel 1155 socket.
if not then a core 2 quad 8300/8400 will probably give best bang for buck...
pointless getting a 9 series as yes they will be more grunty, but there relatively expensive for a platform that is on its way out.