Question A gpu that can handle retro gaming and the latest games


Sep 12, 2012
This isn't really a question. It's more about putting an idea out into the world.

As a retro gamer and someone who plays the latest games too, I'm sick of having to run two PCs because of pointless restrictions built into gpu drivers and firmware.

There is no technical reason why the latest GPUs should prevent you going below 31khz. There is a whole lot of awesome retro games that many people still play and almost everything before the PS2 was 480i or something around 240p.

Old sprite based games look terrible on modern 1080p and 4k displays. I want just one decent GPU that has both an analog RGB and HDMI port and no restrictions on minimum resolutions. Is that too much to ask???? One (or more) HDMI port for the latest 4k gaming and one analog RGB to output 240p on a crt monitor from the same card.

Right now I have to run two PCs; one with a recent Nvidia card and a second with an old AMD gpu which is compatible with custom CRTEMU drivers.

If an unpaid amateur can make drivers that allow old AMD cards to generate custom 15khz modlines on the fly, why can't Nvidia and AMD release an official retro gaming compatible card?
You could just run both gpus in that same computer, and just have either
  1. a virtual machine that uses the 2nd gpu for retro games, which is pretty easy to do, but do note it's not a 1 click thing. I'd say around 15-30 minutes tops for a new comer to set up.
  2. run both gpus normally in your system, and direct some games to use the 2nd one, you'll need to do this game by game, and it's quite tedious, and also, I have no idea how you do it myself, though I know it to be possible.