A graphics card that will work in my PC?? (under 80$)


Aug 26, 2011
hey guys i have a old pc its a 2005 model its a Sony VAIO RB38G - P4 550J 3.4 GHz. 2gb of ram i believe and a intel media accelator 900 for the gpu (blah)! windows xp. i was wondering if there was a good graphics card for under 80$ that will work in my pc good? that can play most new games?? and if u can give me a little more gaming info about my pc cause idk wat it can and can not play right now ty alot :)

Assuming this is your PC:


From this article:


an HD 5670 would be a big improvement. It does not require an additional power connector, and its power use seems clsoe enough to the X300 that it will likely work with your current power supply. If not, you would be faced with an additional expense of around $40 to replace the psu.

From Newegg, a Gigabyte 5670 for $70, $7 shipping, and a $10 mail-in rebate: