A little help for school please

What is your PREFERRED (not necessarily current) gaming platform?

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Jun 6, 2012
Okay so I'm doing a persuasive argument speech for my class and I'm doing it on why PC is better than console. My intention is not to cause yet another debate as I have read on many other threads. If you prefer console, please vote for your console in the poll, and I would like for the PC people to not only vote, but comment why they prefer PC over console and I would also really appreciate it if you could throw some console vs. PC hardware specs with CREDIBLE sources - this is the main reason for this thread as I am having trouble finding sources that I can cite in a college course that actually reinforces my argument . I know this is totally one sided but that's the point of persuasion.

A couple key points I'm looking for are:
PC has better graphics - if somebody could point me to a site with clear side by side screens that shows this that would be awesome
PC has better hardware - this is where I need credible sources (for example where it says that PS3 is 78/7900GTX equivalent and 360 as well)
Cost justification for building a PC over buying a console

As well I apologize if this in the wrong section as I'm new to this forum, and I'm sorry for asking a lot of you guys :kaola:

Thanks for your help!


Feb 27, 2012
PC, it has better graphics because of the hardware used. PS uses a 7900GTX (I think) and the 360 uses a X1900. 720 will use a 6670. In PC you can have way better hardware than that, obviously :D

Also you can play strategic games, like Starcraft. And you can play first-person shooters with a mouse and keyboard, as God intended.
well, first of all, this is a PC hardware forum (especially on the graphics forum). I think you'd practically only get PC votes here :p

Otherwise, I think if you have the time and the money, a PC is by far the better system as it is more versatile. building a good gaming machine is a very educational process for the basics of hardware/software. additionally, most good gaming machines can be used for other applications such as photo/video editing, or contribute to the scientific community through applications like folding@home

don't know what resources I can point you to, but I would suggest you do your research for yourself, it's a useful skill to have in the working world, and I'm sure it's a part of the reason why your teachers assigned the project :p (I'm a researcher myself in a reputable institution in the US so I speak from experience)

a few simple advantages off the top of my head are that PCs with good hardware can achieve higher average fps with higher minimums. this is great if you want to have stable 60fps or something. PCs also offer more 3D gaming support and 3 monitor surround. HOWEVER, consoles are a much simpler and cheaper solution, and easier to trouble shoot. if a game has issues running on a particular console, you'd have a much easier time finding a solution than doing the same for your specific hardware/software combination of your PC.
I have both a PC and a PS3.

The mouse/keyboard combination is much more responsive in FPS games. Also, a keyboard has at least 108 keys, most of which can be remapped in games. The console controller has less buttons and has limited configurations in games.

Also, consoles are becomming more like PC's. The ps3 has a hard drive, an optical drive, built in networking, a web browser,... If consoles were better, I think PC's would be becoming more console like. I guess you can interpret this as PC's have a general usage where as consoles used to be more specific - gaming only.