Question A little help with a software issue.

Jun 23, 2019
I had installed new drivers for my Oculus, and these brand new drivers showed an error on my Oculus app that there was no hdmi connection when there absolutely was. Transfer to slightly outdated drivers,( all drivers are AMD graphics drivers) and everything is working perfectly for the Oculus. When the (Oculus) service is down and Oculus completely unplugged, playing graphics-intensive games like PUBG is impossible, as there are horrible stutters to the point where you cant even shoot. When you do shoot, if you are able to, (or any other "complicated" action), computer decides its too much and completely shuts down. Event logs show no errors, and i've tried most softwares to detect crashes, none of them working. Can i not have the drivers and be able to play Oculus and regular video games? Thanks all


There are two problems:

1) Drivers: not unusual new drivers not to work and end users must revert to older versions. Likely some bug, corruption, or conflict.

Sometimes just re-downloading, reinstalling, and reconfiguring the drivers will fix things. Otherwise you may need to wait on the manufacturer to do so. Check the manufacturer's website for "new" drivers, FAQs, and read any Forums. You may find that something has been quietly fixed.

2) Unplugged: If Oculus is down or otherwise unavailable playing other games offline may be slowed if the computer is, in the background, still trying to run Oculus, make connections etc. Then your computer's performance is likely going to drop.

Before you play PUBG or another game, open either Task Manager or Resource Monitor. See what is running on your system. Then slide the window to one side or the other. Game and determine what applications, processes, or services are consuming any given resource.