Question a media driver your computer needs is missing

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Jul 31, 2013
ok hear me out its not as simple as my question sounds ..there are tons of vids about how to fix but none worked ..the problem is i freshly installed an os worked good then tryed to download assassins creed valhalla from dodi (<Mod Edit> website full of virus ) exe was a virus (nt false positive) after that pc stated crashing then installed k7 scanned got 68 virus from c drive .the tryed to install a fresh copy of windows via pendrive ..boom this problem ..tryed some fix from yt none worked also opend my bios and did a reset now i cant see my 2 hdd its gone ...after reset it isnt showing in bios nor booting the pc as it should.
i also tryed intel rapid storage tech but <Mod Edit> this i tryes many times to download the drivers but everytime its not suitable ..yea i know i have to download specially for my chip but i m not a tech guy its like finding a needle in the grass .
my pc specs are asus tuf gaming 460plus mb,i5 10400,gtx1060,2x1tb hdd,16gig ram.
plz help me
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