A modem question


Mar 20, 2012
I'm new to having a modem separate from my router and I've been wondering about this.
Is one modem better than another modem? What should I look for in purchasing a modem? Is it a gigabit port on the back? Also, does any modem work with any ISP?

Thank you for your time.
Modems are like any other devices, some good, some not so good, and most of the time just as many good reviews as bad reviews. Some work better w/ certain ISPs. That's why it might be helpful to know or ask what your ISP recommends (or perhaps even requires). A gigabit port only matters if your ISP can actually deliver those speeds. If the ISP only offers say, 10-20Mbps, gigabit offers no advantage. OTOH, if they offer 120Mbps, then your more common 10/100Mbps modem would leave you short 20Mbps.