Question A monitor/TV for movies and Windows work


Oct 11, 2019
I use my computer for watching movies and general Windows work, no gaming. So what's most important for me is that text be sharp and easily readable and that movies look good on it. In other words, image quality is the most important factor (so maybe IPS panel and 4k?), responsiveness should just be good enough for movies and Windows (so 60Hz should be enough?).

My budget is around $400, maaaaybe around $450 max, but I'd prefer to be around the $400 mark.

I'm leaning towards getting a TV, since I can get a bigger TV for the same price of a monitor, but if you guys think there's a much superior monitor I can get, I'm open to that, too.

Could you recommend any specific monitors or TVs based on those criteria?

Now, I have to add another factor here which is that my video card is a geforce 710 GT, which, I understand, will struggle with a 4k monitor. Now, that's ok, I will eventually buy a new video card, but for a while (possibly a long while) I'll be using the 710 GT, so whatever I get has to be at least usable on it. However, I'm buying this monitor with a new video card in mind, so the monitor should look good on the future card which I will be getting and it's ok if it doesn't look ideal on the current 710 GT.
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