A (near) Future Proof Z68 Based Gaming Rig? About 3.5k. Need Opinions

THIS Engineer

Jul 19, 2011
I realized I needed a new computer soon after I played MW2 on my stock Dell 545 and got 19fps. I started looking at newspapers and flyers for new gaming computers. Then I started looking for Gaming rigs online. Then I fell in love with the Alienware Area 51. Then after looking for individual parts prices on ebay I realized how much Dell is ripping people off so i decided to build my own gaming rig. Its amazing how much money you can save and get better stuff still if u build your own rig.

After reading different reviews online, it looks to me that the z68 chipset is a better option for gaming then the x58 and they support the 2nd generation CPU's.

I have decided on getting the following :

Thermaltake Level 10 GT

Asus Maximus Extreme IV-Z

i7 2600k

G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB)


OCZ Vertex 3 x2 Raid 0 Config

Corsair 1200W Modular 80+ Gold

ASUS VG236HE 23-Inch HD LCD Monitor 120hz

and get the cheapest 7200rpm 1TB HD and a CD/DVD read writer.

The level 10 gt case is expensive i was thinking of getting the MK-1 but im stuck on this case for some reason.

I plan to run this on stock cooling for now gonna have to wait another month for water cooling money

What do you guys think ? Any suggestions ? Different opinions ?



Feb 4, 2002
mate, if you're speccing RAID0 SSD's, GTX590 and an i7 2600k you aren't just near future proofed.

you should be maxing out games for some time to come; additionally you'll have the option of (insanely) adding another GTX590 in SLI when your framerates drop (not any time soon)


imo its really not good to spend so much on a Graphics card, if the past has taught us anything, its that newer cards outperform older cards by a LARGE margin, and tech gets dates (DirectX10/11) with that monitor even a GTX570 will max out on all games:

i would reccommend two of these drives in raid0:

that mobo is way overpriced, and doesn't even natively support 1866Mhz ram, this mobo would be a much better option:

that case is good cheaper cases such as the antec 1200:

or the antec 900/300 would be good choices too:

but cases really depend on what looks you like best (as well as ofcourse good airflow).

if you decide on going for a gtx570 instead this PSU would be a good choice and would allow for SLI later on:

the 2600K is a good choice but in gaming using a 2500K will give the same gaming performance:

this RAM would give the same real world performance as that ram at a lower price:

if your looking for a cooler this would be a good option (would be good even if your not overclocking since you have such a high end system):

i wouldn't really reccommend water cooling, if its not properly maintained it can cause some real problems.

as for HDDs i would reccommend the cavier black series. such as this:



Jul 18, 2011
first of all, I'm just going to type this before I even read any of your specs, 3500 on a computer is WAY too much.
The key to the best computers are not about crashing massive amount of money in the beginning, its about getting a decently budgeted computer at first and then upgrade it over time.
your $3500 PC might outperform a $1200 PC for a few months, I'd give it 8 month tops. after that, by just replacing some of the used parts with the better technology, the still-cheaper-than-$3500-after-the-upgrade PC is now giving 50% more FPS than your $3500.
if you don't believe me, look at the CPU, Sandy Bridge right? I'm not saying its not a good CPU, in fact, its the best CPU there is right now. but in a few months, Ivy Bridge is going to come out and out perform that CPU with probably the same price or maybe a bit higher.
so again, save that money and upgrade it over time.



+1 exactly what i was trying to say but failed :p.

THIS Engineer

Jul 19, 2011
Hmm definitely going with the 2500k and the ssd that you suggested.

I am gonna buy the chaser mk-1 its cheaper then the level 10 gt

I couldnt get the link to open for the ram that u suggested.

I dont know about the gtx 570 though even the gtx 580 goes down to around 30 fps with ubersampling on in the witcher 2 and i was going to buy a 120hz monitor to experience the best for once. Might stick with the gtx590

I like the maximus extreme z because of its expandibility, 4 pci slots, and its integrated sound card and i/o controller for the raid 0 ssd i saw that u can get up to 1100mbs read speed.

Thanks for the reply u saved me from wasting a load of money