Question A noisy HDD (Installing a new SSD)

Jul 14, 2019
Hello to everyone on this beautiful forum. I am thinking of getting an SSD or an m.2 SSD (does not matter, because that is not the point of this thread, so please don't reply to this point right here) installed into my PC with my existing HDD.

The problem isn't the speed, I don't care about that almost at all (even though I know it will be an improvement), but noise. I have actually just figured out that the noise my PC is producing isn't from my GPU, nor my CPU cooler, not even my PC fan or my PSU; it is the 3TB Toshiba HDD that is spinning @7200RPM.

So, this may sound weird and a bit of a novice question, but could I be able to install an SSD, get my Windows and all my programs transferred to it and leave my big files on the HDD, but at the same time not have my HDD whizzing like a rocket and spinning like a pulsar, when it is not in use (when I am not accessing those files)? Basically, can I run everything off my SSDs (except those massive files, that I don't access that often), but still have my HDD connected but not spinning when I am not using it and producing that crazy noise? I don't want to have it disconnected so it doesn't produce noise, but then shut off my PC and reconnect the hard disk whenever I want to access a movie or a song or whatever of the HDD.

I hope you all get what I mean. I am not quite sure this is possible, but still I wanted to run it by with everyone over here. Cheers.


With the drive spinning, will it quiet up a bit if you reach in and press on it?
If so then you might be hearing it due to it vibrating with the bay its in. I have three Toshiba's, two 3tb and a 5tb. When the 3tb's were in one of my previous rigs I had to run some electrical tape down the sides of them to keep them from vibrating with the metal 3.5" mount of the cheap case.
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