News A PC That Fits In the Palm of Your Hand: Meet the iLife MP8

Surprisingly it can run Windows 10? How is that surprising? The N4100 is roughly equal in power to the i5 4300U, which I have in my Surface Pro 2, and it still works pretty well, even with its 4GB of RAM... which this little box of joy seems to match. The only thing that turns me off is the UHD 600 graphics, which are absolutely abysmal. Although, this would probably make for an interesting little toy. It'd probably do emulators well, YouTube, movie watching, internet, and might even be able to play older games, and maybe even Minecraft.

In places where space is at a premium like a dorm room, or even a hotel room where you only have a TV, this could be a useful little computer. I want one to play with now... although, a Raspberry Pi 4 would probably be a cheaper purchase and can do most of those things.