A Question about USB Front Panel Inputs


Does the keyboard actually work. Try repeatedly hitting the del key (or whatever your motherboard uses to get into bios) until the BIOS screen appears. If you get into the BIOS then the keyboard is working. If not plug your USB keyboard into one of the connectors on the back panel. I'm betting it will work (assuming the keyboard is not broken).

You don't need to get a PS2 style keyboard. Just a USB keyboard that works and is plugged in to a working USB port.
I didn't see any setting for enabling the USB keyboard in your BIOS program. I don't understand why a BIOS has issues recognizing a USB keyboard in this days and age, but I've seen it on other motherboards as well.

The way USB devices connect to the case, it's almost hard to plug them in incorrectly. Do you have the notch lined up?

If everything's good with that, when you plugged the keyboard into the MB, did you use one of the USB 2.0 ports (3 and 4) right next to the PS/2 port?

You might also try the USB 1 and 2 ports under the LAN port. Note-page 1-27 in the MB manual warns against connecting the keyboard to the USB 3.0 port.


Jan 20, 2012
Well, turns out it was the simplest of issues to fix. The keyboard was in fact busted :pt1cable: Everything is hooked up and good to go now. Thanks a lot for the help though!