A quiet graphics card?!

Hey guys,

I'm looking to upgrade my system when the AMD 7000 series is released, I'll get a HD 7870/HD 7950/HD 7970 or something. I want a system that is going to be as quiet as possible but I just can't think of the best way to quietly cool a graphics card. A CPU is easy, you just put a massive heatsink on it and find a super quiet fan. VGA coolers don't seem to be very common though. Also i don't like the idea of real water cooling, I may consider a closed loop but I really would prefer a great heatsink where I can choose my own fans.


The 7000 series is still a long time from release.And nothing but reference designs will be released at launch.You will have to wait even longer for a good aftermarket cooler.High end graphics cards have a much higher TDP than CPU's.GPU's are just coming out of the infante stages.Also you only have so much space.

Watercooling is the only silent solution to cool a GPU.Currently their are version's of the 6870/6850 that have passive heatsinks but they are horrible at cooling and are very large and heavy.

Are there any universal coolers like the Prolimatech MK-13 that are likely to fit the 7000 series? I think I should have plenty of space, I don't really need any of my PCI slots except for a single graphics card and I have a mid tower case. Alternatively, do you know of any closed loop water cooling that is likely to fit the 7000 series, or any way to get a Corsair H80 or something to fit?

EDIT: Also, anyone know why my browser/PC suddenly started putting 14 after every single post? lol
As of now I don't think anyone knows where the chip placement will be on the 7000 series so their's no way of knowing which coolers will work.

I believe it has something to do with AMD's new CPU's being released tomorrow.It's 14 for Europe and 18 for U.S.A.It's either hours remainging for what time the NDA is released.