[SOLVED] A small question.

Dec 8, 2018
So i have an Intel Pentium N4200, it has 4 cores and it says 1.1ghz. Does that mean it can run at 4.4ghz?
I saw that there is 4 cores who says 1.1ghz on all of them on Device Manager, but max it reaches is 2.39.
no, it means each core runs at 1.1ghz individually, not combined. the 2.39 is what is called the Turbo speed which means is if you try to run something that requires more CPU power then 1.1Ghz it can increase the speed between 1.1Ghz and 2.39Ghz depending on how much more processing speed is demanded

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Specs are here and look into the Burst Frequency info.

Burst Frequency:
Burst frequency is the maximum single core frequency at which the processor is capable of operating. Frequency is measured in gigahertz (GHz), or billion cycles per second
No, it cannot. Each core runs at 1.1GHz as the BASE frequency. Burst frequency is 2.5GHz when pushed to its limits. I am not sure if it will do all 4 cores simultaneously or not at 2.5, though.

Cores are not additive in speed. They run in parallel. If you get 4 identical cars that have a max speed of 100MPH, and get four drivers to drive them down a 4 lane highway, they do not get the ability to run at 400MPH.

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no. it means that each core will run at 1.1 ghz. if only 1 core is working, then the other 3 cores sit idle doing nothing and the one working sits at 1.1 ghz. the chip does however have the boost speed which you are seeing. that means that if the workload is light enough, the chip will speed itself up automatically up to 2.5 ghz which is roughly what you're seeing. basically the chip overclocks itself if there is room to do it.

but your thoughts on the speed multiplying is not correct at all


May 10, 2018
No, it just means that each of the four cores can run at those speeds. It's NOT equivalent to one core at 4.4ghz. You see them max out at 2.39 because of that processor's boost function. When it is under load, each core is able to boost from 1.1ghz to a max of 2.5ghz.