Question A Solid Mid range GFX Card for my Rig. Not a BIG Gamer.


Feb 17, 2014
I'm using Dell Optiplex 7020 running Intel Corei5 4950 with 8GB DDR3, Windows 10 with HP x20LED 1600x900 Monitor (No, i'm not going to upgrade this monitor in next 5 to 10 years, unless it dies then ill go for 1080p Monitor.

Don't wanna upgrade PSU as well, Dell PSU = 290 Watt MAX.

I play games everyday, but i play almost 99% of the time "TeamFortress 2", sometimes "CS:GO", rarely i play "GTA V" GTA works but on the bare minimum settings.
I edit videos on weekly basis on Adobe Premier Pro @ 1080p (No, in next 5 to 10 years i'm not going to edit 4K, ill stay with 1080p) i rarely use Adobe After Effects just to make my videos Intro's & Outro's thats it. I use Adobe Photo Shop & Light Room a lot and it works fine.

I play TF2 on Community server and there are 32 players usually, so it lags badly when i'm around more then 5 players, which is bad, i love this game will keep on playing it forever ❤. I play CS:GO occasionally and on medium to low settings. GTA V is on low settings with 800x700 resolution. i just want to play it in 1600x900 with medium setting, if possible otherwise i wont care, i rarely play it anyway.

Adobe Premier Pro works fine, but will a GFX card help it render faster? If it helps its better for me.

Kindly recommend me a GFX card, my budget is 50 to 60 $$$$ only. Thanks
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