Question A story of Upgrades, is the 2080ti over 2080 Super worth it?


Sep 2, 2014
Hello my friends,

Yesterday I found myself at the whims of my best friend whom had decided the day prior to take us on an adventure to MicroCenter to look at some changes to his setup. My friend and I normally buy things at the same time so-as to not outdo each other and that has always been the case until yesterday. You see, my friend had decided to completely remodel his gaming room in his house. I'm talkin' new paint on the walls, a new desk, laminate flooring and everything. Usually when we take trips to MicroCenter, I am the conservative one and he usually attempts to convince me that the finer things in life are worth it. However, he's not actually good with building systems and doesn't understand the formal functions between performance and cost. I build and upgrade all of my friends rigs, and am the go-to tech guy for them and yesterday was no different. Unfortunately the upgrade bug caught him and he couldn't resist. What began as a process to find a new case and CPU turned into a sticker shock for me that I have never experienced and it wasn't even my money!

My buddies old rig included:
  1. NZXT Phantom
  2. Asus Sabertooth (LGA 1150 Forgotten exact numbering)
  3. Intel i7-7700k
  4. Corsair Ballistix 2133mhz DDR4 Memory
  5. Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 FE
  6. Corsair 750cx PSU bronze rated
  7. Hyper 212 EVO
  8. Asus Rog PG248q Primary Monitor
  9. Benq (Can't remember but much older model)
After leaving the store yesterday he is now rocking:
  1. NZXT H700i
  2. Aorus Z390Pro Mobo
  3. Intel i9-9900K
  4. G.Skill Trident Royal 32gb 3000mhz
  5. Nvidia RTX 2080ti
  6. Corsair 850m Gold rated
  7. NZXT Kraken x72
  8. Asus Rog XB273k as Primary
  9. Asus Rog PG248q as Secondary
Yeah. Homeboy had it like that and dropped fat stacks. For what is worth it was amazing to put such a system together (Posted on first try, I love it when that happens). So this brings me to my own personal conundrum. I went and bought the H700i and NZXT Kraken x72 as well but that was it. I had updated much of my computer just last year and am running an 8700K with Corsair Pro 16gb 3000mhz for ram (I don't remember the exact numbering of my Gigabyte board). I tried to temper my friends need to blow out his budget but he was starstruck and couldn't be stopped. I tried unsuccessfully to make the argument that he should wait until the 2080 Super's are released (which is what I am doing to upgrade from the 1080FE). To me, I am guessing the 2080ti will be about 15-20% greater in performance than the 2080 Super but is that $500 difference in price worth it? What do you guys think?


I'd wait (only 8 more days on 7/23/19), the 2080S should close the gap quite a bit and be at least a few hundred dollars cheaper.

For that primary monitor (UHD/144hz) though you need all the performance you can get so realistically the 9900K/2080 ti is actually a decent choice.
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