Question A strange behavior

Feb 17, 2019
Warning: The text of this question is made with Google Translate.
I own a relatively new computer with Windows 10 Pro and Windows Insider Program.
From the very beginning, every time I turn it on and reach the Windows lock screen, it does not detect any network connection, even though it is connected by LAN. Continue with the Windows entry until you reach the Desktop and it still does not detect the connection.
I go to Device Manager and in Network Connections my network card does not appear. Throughout the window, in all categories there is no error of any kind.
Then I restart Windows and when it reaches the Lock screen there appears the icon of the network LAN connection.
I tried a USB wireless network card and the same thing happens. The first time I turn on the computer it does not detect anything, when restarting it detects the connection.
Before they ask me I say:
  1. I have already checked the network cable.
  2. I have already checked and updated the drivers of the network card, both from the website of the motherboard manufacturer and from Microsoft.
  3. I already checked that the network card works well, because I configured the computer to turn on through WOL and it has worked well in more than 30 times.
Has this happened to someone or do you have an idea of what to do to fix it?