Question A strange corrupted rar file

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Oct 21, 2022
Hi everyone, I am writing to you for advice on a mystery.
On a filesharing website I downloaded some mp3 albums, the site relied on a file hosting service, so I used a leecher to download the music. I downloaded several albums, but all are corrupted rar files, all of them. When I try to open them with winrar it tells me "archive damaged or unknown format" and then it also tells me "no archive found". I tried to repair them in every way, I tried 4-5 types of repair software but none succeeded, indeed some software after an initial repair attempt even told me that there was no file to repair, almost as if the archive was empty, but the rar archives are not empty, indeed some weigh even 1.5 gb, and all are of the size specified on the sharing site.

Mp3 albums are different albums, uploaded by different users, it seems impossible for me that all users upload only corrupt files. I also don't see how the leeching service I used can corrupt all the files I download. I also tried to download the files again, but they are always corrupt.

In my opinion there must be something that escapes me to solve the problem.

I'll post a link to google drive with an album, try to open it if you can.

Thank you if you lend me a hand.


What file sharing website?

The google drive link appears but does not allow a preview and directly clicking the blue "Download" is not advised.

Who knows what all is going on with .rar files etc.

The context of the Original Post in general implies piracy and Forum rules prohibit assistance with such things.

Closing thread accordingly.
Not open for further replies.