Question A tad-slimmer-than-SFX power supply?

Nov 4, 2021
We have a custom system that's going to need some creativity... basically we need to replace a problematic server PSU (CRPS) module with a "normal" ATX-style PSU >750W. My concern is that I have a clearance of 61 ~ 62 mm, and SFX is 63.5mm.

Do you know if all SFX PSUs are exactly 63.5mm? Are there any that in reality may be just-a-bit-slimmer?

I have plenty of clearance for SFX or SFX-L in the other dimensions, and the orientation fits; it's just that one metal corner in the case that I'm worried about.

I'm considering one of those units.
SilverStone SST-SX800-LTI-USA
Corsair SF750

If you happen to own one of those and could measure its thickness (at the corner, not the thicker grill area!) that'd be great.
Any thoughts, or other ideas?