Question A very curious case of a (possibly) dead GPU


Jan 28, 2008
I have this RX570 sitting in my shelf for more than a year now and decided to test it because a friend of mine wanted to buy it.

However, when I tested it out, it seems the GPU is busted..... But in a very peculiar way that I haven't seen a GPU do. I have an RX580 running on my Windows 10 OS. So I decided to just remove the RX580 and place the RX570... And it does something pretty bizarre.......

Once booted into Windows (The part where you see the username with the circle, the system would freeze for 5 seconds then black screen for another 5 then resume normal operation on Windows, start buton and all.

Here are the peculiarities I am experiencing with this GPU.

- Windows itself is fine, no display issues. However.......

- The Act of just pressing the start button (animation of text and icons) will cause the "system freeze for 5 seconds, black screen and then Windows would "resume normally" except the start button would be unpressed.

- Loading Direct X9 games and/or DirectDraw games are fine. They have absolutely no bugs or issues. So emulators that use DX9 or Direct Draw works absolutely fine (Final Burn Alpha, Stepmania 3, DOSBOX) , but before loading it would freeze for 5 seconds. But after that the system would be running smooth.

- Loading Vulkan API games will not crash the game, but will only display a black screen, but you can ALT+TAB fine back to Windows. (Doom 2016, Cemu)

- Loading DX10, DX11, DX12 games will cause "system freeze for 5 seconds, black screen and then the program wanting the DX features would crash/close"

Part of my brain thinks, maybe a part of my OS is broken (Drivers, DX installation), but putting the RX580 back in would make the system run normally. No problems or issues similar to the ones I listed above.

I tried reinstalling the same driver version 21.2.3 but no dice, but when using DDU after the AMD drivers are removed, that RX570 would work fine BEFORE driver installation.

I tried cleaning the whole GPU by using isopropyl alcohol with an old brush and didn't help at all.

Any of you guys getting a GPU with similar issues? Being able to fix this GPU would be nice.