A Watt Estimate

Sep 17, 2018
September 16, 2018 11:46:45 PM

I have tried to use online calculators to estimate this but keep getting different numbers. I was told it should be around 325W overclocked but I'm getting 400W estimated. I want to sli two gtx 1070 but don't know if my psu is good enough. My custom built Desktop has the following specs:

Cpu- ryzen 7 1700

Motherboard- gigabyte ga-ax370-gaming 5rgb

Cooler- cooler master lite 120mm rgb

Ram- g skills 2×8 3000mhz

Storage- 250gb samsung evo 840 ssd
3tb Hitachi hdd

Psu-evga bronze 80 600W

Gpu- gigabyte g1 GeForce gtx 1070 8gb

Dragos Manea

a gtx 1070 hard OC can get up to 200W each and the cpu can get up to 150W on heavy OC. that would be 550W. AS a comparison i had before gtx 1080 and on nvidia it says 180W but after OC i would get 280W each. For my gtx 1080ti it says 250W but in reality after OC i get around 330-340W each. This makes you an ideea on videocard, as for ryzen i had 1700X and i OC ed to 3.85 Ghz and i had around 130-150W. This numbers are from my own experience, you draw the conclusion.