Question A10-7850K rebooting at 80C

My friend plays Destiny 2 on his PC. When his APU hits 80C, the system reboots. He just swapped out garbage OEM PSU, for a Seasonic Focus GX-750, but problem remains. Is 80C temp on a AMD A10-7850K too high? If so then I will recommend new thermal paste and possibly 3rd party cooler for his FM2 socket CPU. Thank you in advance for your help.

Integrated R7 graphics

APU temp is 73C idle / 80C under gaming load
Phaaze88 Thank you. I will start him off with new thermal paste, and if that's not sufficient then he'll get a new CPU heatsink for his FM2+ socket CPU. Honestly I hope that the thermal paste is sufficient because I wouldn't want him investing anymore money into this build. Thank you.
Update from my friend with the a10-7850K after applying the new ARCTIC MX-4 thermal paste that he bought (below):

The stock cooler is clearly insufficient, despite the new thermal paste.

Question: What's a good 3rd party cooler, that's compatible with an AMD FM2+ CPU?

"It went down by 10 degrees when idling away in the desktop menu but when I play high performance games it still resets [reboots] it like destiny and rust and genshin

So right now when I'm just on discord its at 50-55 and when I play low performance games its at like 65 but high performance games its at like 68-77."

Addendum: I happen to already own a brand new Freezer 34 eSports DUO that I could give him. But I'm not sure that it's FM2+ compatible. The website only states AM4. Otherwise I'm open to other suggestions.
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I lost my mind and ordered him a Noctua NH-U12S. He admitted to me that his computer has been randomly rebooting during gaming sessions for the past three years. After just learning that fact, and wanting him to have the easiest installation experience possible, I just figured "life is short", ordered the NH-U12S. But he gets the original brown and beige edition, because I've done enough. =>

Thanks everyone.
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Problem NOT resolved. Computer still reboots.

Steps taken so far...

Installed a new power supply: Seasonic Focus GX-750

Installed new CPU cooler: Noctua NH-U12S

RAM reseated in appropriate slots, according to Gigabyte GA-F2A78M-D3H manual.

16GB of DDR3 consists of 2 X 8GB DIMMs. I had him install one RAM at a time and both rebooted. I also had him try all the slots, and system still restarted.

Continuing problem: System resets while he was playing Destiny 2; temps were 64C at last gaming reset. Then I remoted onto this computer to install latest AMD graphics drivers for his APU (a10-7850K) and every single time the computer resets before the drivers finish installing. What else should we look at?
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Sfc scan to rule out corrupt/or missing Windows files?

Not using mixed memory? Probably wouldn't hurt to give Memtest86 a go.

Any cpu overclocks, but the cpu's power/current draw wasn't raised/removed to prevent tripping those limits?

Does the A10-7850K follow the distance to TJ Max readings, or the current readings all cpus follow today?
The advertised critical limit is supposedly 72.4C. I don't suppose your still seeing numbers over that, even with the NH-U12S?

-Any signs of physical damage or swollen capacitors, for example? There are many devices/pieces to a board... I'm no mobo expert, but if certain parts fail, they could cause a chain reaction leading to the restart.

-Kinda related to the above: motherboard age > sensor failure > incorrect readings trip protections related to those sensors.

That's what comes to mind for now.
Mixed RAM: Both DIMMs have the same heat spreader and I "assume" that they are part of the same kit.

Not sure if there were overclocks, but I've already had him reset the BIOS to optimized defaults.

BIOS version is F3. There is a F4 available and a F5 (Beta) available, but not sure if it's worth trying.

Memtest86: I haven't had him try that, but it's a good idea.

Does the A10-7850K follow the distance to TJ Max readings: I don't know the answer to this yet.

Physical damage: I don't know, but I will have him send me high resolution photos and I'll take a look.

motherboard age > sensor failure > incorrect readings trip protections related to those sensors: This is an interesting one. These items never occurred to me before.

What I'm thinking are possible causes, but I obviously have no idea at this point: reset button on case possibly causing the system to reset? I'm considering having him unplug reset cable from motherboard, on the chance that it's causing it. Also, he has windows 10 installed on a apotop s3c 256gb SSD; never heard of this brand before. It was manufactured in 2014. I'm wondering if the SSD is to blame, or the Windows 10 install. The Windows 10 install was upgraded in the past from Windows 7. He bought the computer 2nd hand off a friend 3 years ago and this rebooting problem has been around the entire time.


reset button on case possibly causing the system to reset?
A possible short in the power switch. It does sound plausible.

apotop s3c 256gb SSD
There are programs to scan for drive health. Link to Crystal Disk Info if you're not familiar with any:
Heads up: there's both Crystal Disk Info and Crystal Disk Mark. People tend to download the latter by mistake.

The Windows 10 install was upgraded in the past from Windows 7. He bought the computer 2nd hand off a friend 3 years ago and this rebooting problem has been around the entire time.
And they've never done a reinstall since? Definitely needs to do one now.
Update: He unplugged all previous storage, installed a brand new Crucial MX500 500GB SATA SSD, and installed Windows 10 Pro. While we were downloading his applications, the computer rebooted once again. So at this point we have done the following:

Cleared excess dust from system with a can of compressed air.

Reset motherboard to optimized defaults.

Reseated RAM modules / Tried each individual module in all four slots

Installed new PSU: Seasonic Focus GX-750

Installed new CPU cooler: Noctua NHU-12S

Installed new storage: Crucial MX500 500GB

Disconnected case's reset button wires from the motherboard.

Wild guesses what may be wrong, although I have no idea at this point:

RAM kit is completely incompatible with A10-7850K or FM2+ motherboard.

component or sensor on motherboard may mis-detect overheating condition; for example the computer will reboot in the midst of a league match.

Case's power button may have short.

Motherboard BIOS version may be buggy. But I'm reluctant to update BIOS, since potentially rebooting in the midst of BIOS update would brick the board completely.

Any ideas? Obviously he will build new rig next year, but in the mean time he'd like a stable system to hold him over.
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I'm kinda stumped at this point - sorry.

The ram passed Memtest? There was no confirmation of this.

I think it's the motherboard at this point, if only because I've run out of ideas and that they are difficult to troubleshoot.
Phaaze88 I forgot to have him run Memtest, but I will tell him request that he do so:

I agree that if it the RAM isn't the culprit, then it's probably the motherboard itself. The only other possibility is that perhaps the CPU needs to be reseated. Or maybe a pin was bent and broken when it was originally installed in the CPU socket. Thank you for hearing me out and providing counsel.
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Oct 31, 2020
That is a very old apu, i would reccomend overclocking it or upgrading to something like an athlon 3000g apu, an a320 or b350 mobo and 8 gig of ddr4 2666 or more optimally 3200 because that will destroy the old a10 apu, but if you dont wanna upgrade then overclock the igpu of the apu because that should increase performance and if you have the headroom overclock the cpu itself since this apu might have an unlocked multi (correct me if im wrong)