A10 trinty with no discrete gpu- 50" tv, skyrim, BR,


Dec 19, 2012
hello, I want to build a little htpc to set under the telly, something quiet, small, and just for entertainment purposes, mainly to watch Movies, BR rips, 1080, you tube, and using the internet for the kids,
also my teenage daughter and I could play some games, we are not gamers, just playing the odd game everynow and then, we don't care about Ultra badass visuals and ping times etc..
just play Skyrim together, or some racing car games, or perhaps some sports games.
just father and daughter time.

I am confused , because if I go with a GPU I really need a bigger case, that's not to much of an issue,
but I have my eye on a spot in my media tower which is small, and I am not sure a small case will fit a powerful gpu..

so instead of getting an intel i3 + gpu
I thought about getting an A10 trinty with 7660 onboard graphics.

will the A 10 let us watch all our videos in 1080, play some skyrim , and remain slient all powering my 50" plasma?

thank you..