Question A3/A4 colour printer/copier/scanner needed....any recommendations?


Do you have any particular laser printers in mind?

Go online and look for the applicable printer User Manual via the manufacturer's website.

Then look for the supported paper sizes and what configuration settings (if any) are needed to use A3/A4 paper.

For example - from my printer's (ink jet) manual.

Reference physically numbered Pages 45, 46....

Plus you will likely benefit by reading the applicable printer(s) User Manuals in advance of purchasing. Pay attention to the fine print, warnings, caveats, etc..

What you learn may make a difference with respect to the final purchase decision.
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Sep 7, 2014
Sorry for the delay. We don't have a make in mind. We have a low budget so money/reliability is my main concern.

I am not seeing A3 All-in-1 laser printers for under £1,000. Ideally I would like to get an A3 All-in-1 printer including ink for £1,000, but after looking - I am not sure if this is possible.

I have seen refurbished / used ones on eBay - but I am not sure if this is a good idea?



Bazzy 505

Jul 17, 2021
It really comes down to decide between buying a relatively cheap 500-800 all in one for home office use, the dowside of which is paying around 100 for toner cartridge that will net 2500 pages tops,
Or going for a proper office machine that will cost you between 1500-2000 depending on options but uses cartridges that cost around 30 quid and print 15000 pages.

Refurbished machines are a prefectly fine option, but only if they come from authorized dealership. Buying them from ebay is generally a bad idea as you may end up with a machine the fixing unit of which or rollers are at the end of their service life and you will likely end up having to call dealership for service and spare parts to tune of buying a refurb machine straight from them.

Many dealerships lease machines to companies, and they often resell those very same printers later on with heavy discounts.

You may want take a peek at imageRunner series from Canon, not the cheapest, but very low running cost. They also provide drivers and tech suport even for stone age machines of theirs. Same cannot be said about Samsung, HP or Epson.