A6-3500 or atlon ii x3 445?


Mar 30, 2012
I'm building a new system for my Grandad, and i'm trying to decide which of these processors to get. I can get either for the same price, so that's not an issue. He will only be using it for surfing the internet, emails, and maybe some youtbe. Any help is appreciated.
You would be best served to just buy a laptop.
My advice is get an HP, Asus or Toshiba 15.6" laptop with the A6 series AMD APU, 4GB RAM, Windows 7 64bit.

You can then ADD a separate monitor. If possible, get a quality 22" 1920x1080 screen.
*Some monitors have an HDMI input and speakers. If these are adequate you can do something like this:
- hookup LAPTOP to screen via HDMI (change audio device to HDMI)
- use Logitech Mouse/Keyboard with micro-USB adapter
- Move laptop to a convenient spot since you don't need its screen or keyboard.

The APU fan is incredibly quiet as well, basically silent. I've seen very nice laptops for only $500.
Of the two I would pick the Athlon II x3 445. It's clocked at 3.1GHz while the A6-3500 is clocked at 2.4GHz. Llano's CPU core has a slightly tweaked Athlon II core, so has slightly better performance at the same clockspeed than an Athlon II CPU. However, that increase in performance does not really offset the 700MHz gap between the Athlon II and Llano. A Llano A6-3500 is probably equivalent to an Athlon II x3 clocked at 2.55GHz at best.


Yes and No. I really need to know the rest of his setup to make a choice. Honestly I wouldn't use an APU if he was going to put a dGPU in it, even the $70~100 USD dGPUs will beat anything an APU can put out. APU's mostly for mobile laptops.
unless you are planning on putting in a gpu as well, you will do well to get him the A6.

It will allow for much better media experiences than an motherboard integrated graphics.

The difference is cpu power isn't much but the athlon doesn't come with any graphical capabilities. HD movies would work much better on the A6 than the athlon unless you buy a separate video card for the athlon.


Sep 18, 2009
I agree with esrever. Also the A6 consumes less power and so runs cooler, needing a less aggressive cooling solution. You could save money building this as a desktop machine rather than going for a laptop, though if money is no issue, grandad might prefer the possibility to transport his machine around with him.