A6-3670k (Hd 6530d) and 6450 crossfire help?


Oct 30, 2012
Ok so I recently built my own budget pc: and I did not buy a discrete gpu, the Amd A-6 3670k APU has decent integrated graphics which I can do everything on except play games at high details. I need a little boost in graphics that will allow me to play most games on medium settings or higher at 1440*900. I've been looking for a card to cross fire with the HD 6530d nd I found a 6450 card that is compatible; would pairing these give me a significant boost? And can I play games like bf3, dishounoured,skyrim and MOH warfighter @ medium settings? Or is this a dead end and should I just save for a gtx 550....


Sep 24, 2012
You could crossfire that onboard GPU with a 6670 and you still wouldn't be able to play battlefield 3. The more powerful card is downclocked to run at the same settings as the least powerful card, seen as the HD 6530d is a piece of rubbish for gaming I would save up for a more powerful single GPU.


Oct 30, 2012
I had a A6 for the last year and it handled pretty much everything I threw at it. I did have a 6670 card in mine as well for the graphics boost but foud that disabling the dual graphics and using the 6670 solo gave me better graphics. The 6670 I have was sub-$100 from Newegg earlier this year so I'd imagine it'd be cheaper now. Just remember that 6670 is the highest card you can use in a dual graphics setup.

You dont want to disable the onboard graphics,dual graphics will give you about a 40% boost if done correctly
If its done corectly then the onboard vidceo output from the motherboard will give no signal & youll have to use the 6670's video outputs to your monitor/tv
If you have dual graphics installed & are still using the onboard video outputs then its setup wrong,it will default to the onboard instead of the 6670 if a game/app doesnt support dual graphics configuration - what you want to do is enable the 6670 as the primary card
The way to do it is this
Ill assume you already have drivers installed for both 6670m & the onboard installed
If so boot into the bios
Northbridge settings
Put the graphics adapter as pci-express
in the dual graphics option set it to enabled (not auto)
Save & exit bios
If the pc boots & you get video from onboard,then let it boot into windows,open catalyst control centre ,disable/enable/disable dual graphics a couple of times
Make sure its disabled at the last press
Then shut down your pc

The next time you boot you should have to use the 6670 video output instead of onboard - this is now setup correctly
Enable dual graphics in ccc now & yuor good to go - there are a couple of games that prefer dual graphics disables - need for speed most wanted & special ops the line - thats about it though

& to the poster above - a3670 with a hd6670 in dual graphics mode will play BF3 at 40fps medium settings in 720p res - thats a fact ;-)

not on a fm1 board with an integrated apu it doesnt unfortunately - as per my last post though You wouldnt want to do this anyway - it just need setting up correctly - which should be a lot easier than it is to be honest