Question A8M2N-LA [A very strange issue]

Dec 18, 2020
A while back I managed to get my hands on an A8M2N-LA Motherboard. It's nothing special but it was free, (if I could fix it) as well as an upgrade from my current AM2+ board. So, why not?

I used an AMD Athlong IIX2. At first it wasn't going well at all. The fans would kick up to 100% and beeped some pattern... I can't seem to recall. This was a long time ago and Im not sure it's relevant anymore.

After beating my head against the problem for a few days I managed to narrow it down to a dead CMOS. I uninstalled the dead battery, in capped the reset pins, and reassembled the machine. It seemed to work fine... This once...

The fans spun normally. The computer ran through post as normal, in my excitement I completely forgot to prepare my peripherals. I scrambled for my keyboard and accidentally pulled the plug on my test bench as I was plugging it in. My keyboard came on... This once... Just as the system died.

Every since, the computer turns on with fans at 100%, doesn't post, but goes to the HP Boot logo, but not the normal logo. It's their retro logo. And my peripherals won't even come on or receive power.

Normally I would chuck it up to bad luck. I've already tossed it to my coil pile and disregarded it as dead. But I've never encountered an issue like this one before. And not knowing the problem really bugging me at this point. I made it so far to fall so hard. Could I have been on the verge of fixing it? Or was it dead from the start? Honestly I'm sure there's somthing I'm missing. This isn't my first rodeo, but this is the first bull I can't atleast rope.