A8N-E weird PCI-express clip...broken dimm clip...help!


Dec 13, 2006
Ok, my wife got me a 8800 GTS for Christmas. I was so excited. I had an AGP motherboard so I bought a PCI-express Asus A8N-E mobo. I thougt it would be a simple install.

Problem. My 2x512 + 2x256 won't post. (yes, I flashed latest bios). Everything works with just 2x512.

On my old mother board it all worked but at first I had the same problem with my old mobo. I fixed it by putting some cardboard underneath it to help DIMMS seat better.

I used to think my old mobo was warped but now I'm having the same exact problem with the new mobo.


1. I would like to attempt the same solution but now I cannot remove the video card. The manual does not explain how this weird clip works and I'm afraid I'll break the flimsy thing.

2. I broke one one of the dimm clips for one of the slots. Will it work without it?

Every time I upgrade my mobo there is some horrible time consuming problem.


Mar 10, 2006
ok for the first question don't be a women and just pull the clip away from the video card trust me it wont break, (actually don't blame me if it breaks.) just do it carefully

and for the second question yeah it should still work, along as your pc case is being kicked around or moved a lot. If you want you could stick some electrical tape with one side on the top of the memory and the other end on where he clip has broken. you also might be able to switch out the clip with the one from your old mobo.