A8N-SLI Premium boot problem........


Feb 7, 2007
OK, well I just installed my new a8n that i got and installed vista. Everything went perfectly. Rebooted multiple times everything booted back into windows fine. Ok so i decided to restart to finish some windows updates. Heres where the problem starts......... It boots up the computer to the post screen..... then freezes. it doesnt get a chance to detect the drives or anything. it boots to the first screen and freezes. cant do anything. This is my second a8n board. the first did the exact same thing after using it for 2 weeks. this one started yesterday after 2 days. what gives? so i woke up today disconnected my usb flash card and my usb drive. boom it booted fine. ok what the heck. i am afraid to restart. i did this on the other board and it still froze. any ideas? my spaecs are
A8N-SLI Premium
AMD Athlon X2 4400+
2 - 512mb dual
160gb drive
Geforce 8800GTS
2 dvd drives