Question AB350 PRO4 Led strip problem

Aug 14, 2019
So, i have an ab350 pro4 mobo, with ryzen 7 1700 cpu.
I tried puting led strip into the case, first time, a long time ago, i had an old and broken led strip, and it worked kinda ok, but it was old, bad, "bit broken" and i waited for another one that i orderder to arrive.
But then, somehow, when trying the new one, the colors didnt worked anymore, the colors were not as in the software.
I realised i may have bought rgb instead of grb, bought one of this too. It arrived today, i tried it, at first it was not working at all, then i found a solve only to "reprogram" it, and now the blue/green color work kinda ok, but everything that has red in it doesnt work. The old ones were doing strange stuff like this too. One time, every color i chose, would just be a shade of blue. Then, it suddenly become green(nothing changed), and every color i try was a shade of green.

I really dont know where to go anymore, if its my mobo, all the led strips i had were bad, or what is the problem. They are 12v, grb.
Any ideas how to approach this? I really wanted this to work.
I used the soft on the mobo site, v 1.0.41