Abit FP-IN9 SLI won't overclock at all


Feb 16, 2009
The aforementioned mobo with Intel e4500 and 4x1 ddr2 800 running at 5-5-5-18 2T.

I'm looking to do a modest OC but I can't even increase the QDR FSB by 1mhz. The default is 800, so if I set it to 801, the board won't post. At which point I have to remove the cmos battery and let it clear before it'll post again.

The board seems to be stable as I've been using it for over a year now.

Is the board just dead when it comes to oc?


That MB certainly isn't meant for OCing, nor is it very good at it. However, I'm running my e6420 (normally 1066MHz FSB) on it at a 1333MHz FSB with good results for more than a year. I'd just set your FSB directly to 1066MHz (after making sure your RAM voltage is set to the proper value for your DIMMs - probably printed on the side of the DIMMs), and see if that works. Of course, make sure your memory bus speed is unlinked from the FSB, since you want a 1:1 ratio. For your current 800MHz FSB, that would be DDR2-400 speed. For a 1066MHz FSB, that would be DDR2-533 speed.