[SOLVED] Ableconn PEX-SA134 4-Port eSATA III - Intermittent Operation ?

Dec 14, 2021
Hi Gang

I just picked up a 4 port esata card from Ableconn PEX-SA134

Unfortunately I can't find any support phone numbers? As with other products, the reviews are inclusive of other models from a few years ago when apparently they did have support? Anyway the buyer comments were mostly favorable - many stated: "it worked fine in W 10 Pro". My use would be strickly a NON-RAID configuration with supposedly connection capability for 4 HHD's (all at the same time)? All of the drives are externally powered easta enclosures. Honestly there are very few of these on the market specifically for a PC that work without issues. I have two Mac Pro's each with their own 4 port easta cards, (never any problems).

I have a freshly formatted W10 Pro - Dell 3620 i7 7700K. At first I couldn't get recognition but then (all of a sudden), there it was .... After I booted down, I turned the same drive back on, (no recognition
). I did read a review about adjusting the Bios but can't get accurate information as to how/where/why in the Bios?

And BTW, (as instructed here), by Lutfij I installed the card in slot number 2: System Board Slot #2 which is a straight up PCI. I'm still wondering (if anyone knows) what type of adjustment I need to make in the Bios?

Thank You


Here is the thread in question since OP didn't link the content in the right manner;
+ you misinterpreted the slot with respect to the image I'd linked.