Abnormal program termination on Canon ImageFormula P-208II

Oct 9, 2018
Hello all !

I bought recently ImageFormula P-208II and i have this error on starting it : Abnormal program termination

First, let me say that : i reinstalled C++ Visual Components many times for solving this issue, i have reinstalled windows, i have tried almost anything i could find on the internet, but, no solvin.

How the error triggers :

I install the software from the official CD but, when i start the scanner, i get the error.

Even if i install the latest drivers from the website i also get this error when i start the scanner and try to scan.

If i start the CaptureTouch software, with the scanner off, it works. If i start the scanner, then, CaptureTouch dies with Abnormal Program Termination.

I am guessing theres a conflict between CaptureTouch and the scanner, but, i can`t find it !

For the last two weeks i have installed/reinstalled windows, C++ visual, Net Framework, deleted registries, e.t.c. but, was no solving to this.

Enviroment : windows 10 x64

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