Question abnormal shutdowns and slow performance

Aug 4, 2020
I have a hp 15q-notebook laptop.

After updating my drivers through IOBIT driver updater I faced the following issues:
My computer shutdowns abnormally(without notifications) and does not turn on until i put on the power cable.

The strange thing is that when i login I usually find the battery is not fully drained.Around 30~50% charge still remains.

Even stranger problem is while charging, the charging is discontinious. i.e- When charging the led is orange colour and when fully charged it's white. It switch colors when charging. When white color shows it stops charging. Thatswhy i never attain a full charge.

I also face this issue on linux OS.
My laptop is slowing down day by day.
Yesterday my brightness controls were stopped working.

Or suggest me if it's due to hardware or software issue. I even tried to reset my windows 10 .

Help me.....
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Update your post to include full HP notebook specs and Windows 10 version info.

Look in Reliability History for error codes, warnings, and even informational events that correspond to problems such as abnormal shutdowns.

Start by looking for the reason for the slowing performance. Task Manager and Resource Monitor can help finding the reason. (Use both but only one at a time.)

Manually download the drivers directly from the applicable manufacturer's websites. Reinstall and reconfigure the drivers yourself. No third party tool or app.