About adding more RAM (from Crucial) to the HP desktop PC


Jun 29, 2008
Hello. I bought a HP Pavilion m9400t desktop PC recently. It came with 32-bit VISTA and 4GB RAM. As I need a 64-bit system for work, I added an extra internal hard drive so that I can dual boot between tt 32-bit VISTA and 64-bit VISTA Ultimate. Now, I am considering to add more RAM. If I add 4GB more RAM and thus changes the hardware configuration of my PC, will the 32-bit VISTA asks me to reinstall the OS again once it detects that I have added 4GB more RAM? In terms of gain in performance, is it better to take out the original RAM and put in RAM of the same type from the same company? I plan to buy the RAM from Crucial. Is there much different in performance between the normal and Ballistix type of RAM from this company? Thankk.


Oct 27, 2008
hello! guys i am just a newbie here i hope that i could learn more about this forum the topics or thread that has been posted here thanks guys because i really want to learn more and more in the world of technology ^_^