Question About Asus Rog strix b350 f gaming AND Dark rock pro 4

Mar 7, 2019
So hello guys i have one problem and I need your help so if anyone know what I must to do I will appreciate it. So I have Asus rog strix b350 f gaming latest bios update 4602 with ryzen 7 1700 and the cooler dark rock pro 4 in the package it have 2 fans the 1 fan (120mm) it doesn't work on CPU fan at the top of my motherboard 4 pin pwm header and to the second cpu opt and I don't know why I try to put it again with the extension cable that comes with the cooler 2 to 1, but nothing I thought that the 2 headers wasn't working and I try the middle fan the 135 mm dark rock pro 4 and is working, if I put this fan to other header is working the 135mm no the 120 (with and without extension cable 2 to 1) What I can do to fix it ??? (BY THE WAY BE QUIET SEND ME A REPLACE FAN 135 MM NOT 120 NEVER MIND THEY DO MISTAKE IT'S NOT FIT PERFECT BUT IS ALIRGHT AND IS NOT WORKING SAME THING WHAT I CAN DO HEEEELP ME PLEASE ) thanks every one have a nice day!