Question About CPU_OPT Header

Sep 22, 2020
i have heard some people say this header does not work out the box on some motherboards and you have to set it up is this true i have a x570 aorus elite wifi im not really hands on in the bios and there are not any guides that i have found on how to setup the header in the bios


Maybe a couple sources of confusion here.

1. Many fan headers on mobos now come with two options in their configuration related to HOW they alter fan speeds. The can be set to PWM Mode for the new 4-pin fans, or to Voltage Control Mode (aka DC Mode) necessary for 3-pin fans. Maybe that's what you read about "you have to set the voltage for the header", and this is NOT something special for the CPU_OPT header.

2. In virtually all cases, the CPU_OPT header will do exactly the same thing as the CPU_FAN header, except that you can set the Mode (above) differently for these two. But many mobos also have an AIO_PUMP header involved in CPU cooling if you have an AIO liquid-cooled system. Those headers are different because they do NOT do any speed control - they always supply full power to their pump so it can run full speed as it is designed to do. This does NOT apply to the CPU_OPT header.