About glitching/freezing realtime graphics



I have had experiences with total freezing and realtime graphics on my fairly new computer before (it's about one year old by now.)
Recently there was a case of total glitch occouring right before the freeze so i decided to get some expert help here. My question regards what might be the cause of this, i'm pretty sure all the hardware works fine but something obviously messes things up for me. Okay let me explain more in detail.

This is my rig
Motherboard model: P5N-T DELUXE
Chipset: nForce 780i SLI SPP (running latest forceWare)
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.67GHz
Memory: 2x1024 DDR2 @ 400MHz
GPU: 2xGeForce GTX 280 (SLI) (latest drivers as well)
OS: WinXP 32 SP3
Harddrive is a RAID made out two 500gb SATA drives.
Power: Chieftec 1200W

My freezing problem occours when running very high resolutions 1920x1200 mostly. Scaled full screen flash videos are even more likely to generate a freeze, but i'm unsure it's the same issue since flash have been reported to bug when full screened in other situations. I know my OS and memory is a bottleneck at this point but i'm planning to upgrade to 64bit OS (not XP64, and the CPU as well ofcourse ;)
Is it more likely that my problem is related to bad cooling than memory issues? It's a completly fan based cooling system but the computer case have from what i can tell pretty effective fans (CS-A+ 380 Twin Engine.)

I'm a relatively newbie when it comes to managing and dealing with hardware solutions but is there any good tools i can use for monitoring stuff like voltage, temperature and memory during a realtime application? Maybe then i can watch what happens to my system in detail.

Thanks for any help!


Apr 17, 2009
Your memory and OS are hardly bottlenecks. Consider upgrading your drivers across the board as well. Try CPU-Z for better info on your system.