Question About Password Protected Documents

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Jun 26, 2019
As the years wear on, we regularly upgrade our systems. Among other things, this means copying files to an external drive and moving them to the new system. After a brief transition period where both the old and new machines are running simultaneously, the old machine is turned off and stored in a closet.

Eventually, the old machines get thrown out, but not without pulling the hard drives first. These drives end up in a box to be wiped at a later time, but, a later time never comes. The result? I now have 4 shoe boxes stacked with old hard drives.

Typically, I will dismantle them before discarding. But first, I like to browse the drives and pull off any files that I think I might want, which leads me to my question:

I have so many old documents that are password protected, mostly Word and Excel. And of course, I don't remember the passwords.

I'd like to purchase software that I can install on a machine dedicated to breaking these passwords so that I can examine the documents before throwing them out.

Will someone please recommend a Windows or Ubuntu based software suit that will allow me to do this?

Thank you.
Not open for further replies.