Oct 6, 2012
I want to purchase a ps3 gaming console but there is a confusion in my mind that in recent upcoming years there is any change in platform of gaming console like launching of ps4 or new version of xbox.Please clear my confusion.


Mar 26, 2009

Depends if you can wait and how long you can wait, there are no real dates of the upcoming consoles.

If I was in the marker for a console now I'll get a decent 2nd had PS3 / Xbox360 now and upgrade to the next gen. console when they are released.


Not sure about Microsoft, since they've only had one previous console which they dropped the second the 360 launched, but Sony has committed to supporting the PS3 until 2015 at least. So even if they came out with the PS4 tomorrow, there would still be games and firmware updates coming out for the PS3 for about another 2 years at least.


Jul 29, 2012

Depends on what you expect from the next gen consoles.
Things is, there are many reasons they predit that consoles are dying (the industry)

Sony and Microsoft lost alot of money, Sony lost all its money it made with the ps2 with the ps3, and not to mention there (I think 2.5+ B in losses annually or overall) and Microsoft only recently started reported annual profits for its online services in 11'. Thats why this generation has been so long, when consoles come out they typically lose money by subsidizing consoles in hope they can recoup their losses with everything else. Years later cheaper slim version come out because technology gets smaller and cheaper . and they actually make profits off sales.

At launch Microsoft lost 150 per unit, 250 or 300 for sony. Now Microsoft makes 150$ per console sale. Consoles have been out almost 8 years.. i believe the longest lifespan of any generation.

^^ this is important to know if your wondering about future generations. Personally I don't believe they will be putting somewat high end parts like they did previously for the next gen because most people arent willing to pay 400-500$ a unit. So the change shouldnt be as substancial as it could be ... Plus many people don;t buy many games anymore.. game sales are much lower than ever. Either way your paying for outdated subpar preformance. Typically specs are finalized a year or more before launch ,.. so your getting last gen parts. On top of that... no upgradablity .. your very limited to game developers and console limitations. No mods... no overclocking... etc.

One last thing , I have owned my ps3 for 4 years and I had the most fun of my life... but it was with friends on online games. Barely any of it was from the actual gameplay.. there were a few good games though. Not very many people still play.. sales are down .. game keep sequeling and nobody cares. etc. Think about all your options.